WHO WE HELP: Retailers, Brand Marketers and Merchandising Services
WHAT WE DO: Provide advanced, economical, intuitive data management solutions
HOW WE DO IT: With powerful cloud-based collaboration tools


Advanced Data Sharing
RetailCollaboration.com, our flagship solution, lets stakeholders share and work with advanced analytics using a familiar, social media-style interface.

Individual users securely access category-level data according to their roles and responsibilities.

Imagine combining the functionality of Walmart's RetailLink, with interactive shelf space analytics, and the collaboration ease of Facebook.

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Planogram Data Mastery
SchemaDB enables stakeholders to more easily gain access to analytics, reports and visualizations of planogram data.

It transforms planogram image into fully-structured data sets that can be dynamically shared, manipulated and analyzed over the cloud-based network.

Reporting options exceed those of the most widely-used space planning tools, with more rapid, intuitive access.

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Performance Management
For retailers, merchandise planning starts and ends with a performance management process.

Project success and compliance are greatly enhanced by a framework and tool set for managing category-specific activities by store, banner and team.

With RPM Retail Performance Management, all stakeholders dynamically collaborate on common goals for optimal merchandising performance.

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